Representing physicians in York County, in service to all physicians, patients, and stakeholders in healthcare.

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Effecive June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020

County President                              Daniel J. Hornyak, MD

County Vice President                      Kathryn T. Palisoc, DO

County President Elect                     Paul Burcher, MD, PHD

County Secretary                              Diane Shih-Della Penna, MD

County Immediate Past President    Quincy Harberger, MD

County Treasurer                              Stacey G. Robert, MD

County Executive Liz Torres

County Board Members-at-Large

Suzette Song, MD

Kathryn M. Hosey, DO

Brittany E. Barker, DO

County Resident Board Members

Jordan M. Kirsch, DO

Nicole Hammond, MD